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Doing research and making discoveries outside of the lab

Investigations in bacterial genetics and genomics using bioinformatics tools can be conducted outside of the lab. This means that so long as you have an internet connection, you can do meaningful research and make meaningful discoveries.

Antibiotic delivery to the site of infection

Repurposing of antibiotics and thinking about them in new ways in which we can use them to fight infections are important points for discussion. Understanding bacterial genetics and genomics gives us insights into biofilms and antimicrobial susceptibilities that can drive ongoing and future research.

Tackling annotation errors to find the pangenome with Panaroo

Bacterial Genetics and Genomics book Discussion Topic: Chapter 12, question 15 I saw a Tweet about a paper on pangenome analysis and decided to read it. It is on bioRxiv, the preprint server for biology ( The papers here aren’t peer reviewed, like to you would find in typical journals, so when you read somethingContinue reading “Tackling annotation errors to find the pangenome with Panaroo”

Genome sequencing in the palm of your hand

Bacterial Genetics and Genomics book Discussion Topic: Chapter 11, question 14. Last week I attended the Festival of Genomics in London. These are excellent events, run by Front Line Genomics and due to the support of many sponsors, they are free to attend. Going to the Festival of Genomics is an excellent opportunity to hearContinue reading “Genome sequencing in the palm of your hand”

The book

Bacterial Genetics and Genomics This blog is to support my textbook, Bacterial Genetics and Genomics: Specifically, I will be posting articles, research, and ideas will enhance your learning from the book and will contribute to the Discussion Topics that are presented for independent learning and group discussion at the end of the chapters.